Highlights 2023 Summer Seminar

Over 40 lawn and landscape professionals attended the 2023 MALCP Summer Seminar. This eager crowd asked many questions to our guest speakers at the day long event, only to break for a picnic lunch in Tower Hill’s garden and water pool area.



Our first speaker, Karen Reardon of RISE, addresses the crowd on the topic, “U.S. EPA’s Risk Assessment: The First Step in Product Registration.”







Dr. Michelle Dacosta, UMass Amherst, addresses the attendees on the topic of “Maximizing Turfgrass Tolerance to Stresses and Pests While Minimizing Reliance on Pesticides, using BMPs”, with a dramatic presentation.



Speaker, Dr. Geunhwa Jung, Professor of Turfgrass Pathology and Plant Breeding & Genetics, presenting various topics around lawn diseases in his presentation “Lawn Diseases and Alternative Cultural Practices.”







Randy Prostak, Extension Weed Specialist, UMass, Amherst lead an outdoor walk on grounds of Tower Hill turf areas. His hands-on presentation, “Weed Walking–Weed Talking,” was very informative and engaging by all attendees.