Monthly Archives: April 2020

COVID-19 Operational Guidelines, Update from NALP

The National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) has pulled together a broad collection of important COVID-19 resources including: Operational Guidelines Financial Resources Webinars to keep you in touch with other industry professionals during this time Podcasts, and News NALP website: Please take the time to digest and implement the materials provided. Keep up the good and necessary focus […]

UPDATE! Landscaper Services, defined by Governor Baker

For your information, the paragraph below is from the updated Essential Services List regarding LANDSCAPER SERVICES, as defined by Governor Baker: “This is the new official language from the governor’s full guide to Essential Services. It DOES include the word LANDSCAPER, in the broad definition, as well as a decent explanation. Workers such as plumbers, […]

NALP National Updates – April

The Advocate is a weekly publication about federal, state, and local public policy issues that is free to NALP members. NALP Deemed “Essential” by DHS — Impacts Throughout the 50 States Last Saturday, the Landscape Industry received the good news that “landscapers” were deemed essential by the Federal Government on version two of the Department […]