Each member and its employees agree to abide by the following:

We pledge to engage in practices based on accepted sound environmental science that will be conducted in a responsible manner. Specifically:

* To understand and adhere to recognized, science based principles of turf management, as well as support and advance lawn care education, research and technology.

* To abide by all laws and regulations relative to our industry and the conduct of business, as well as promote their enforcement. To acknowledge that governmental and other recognized standards are the mutual responsibility of the product manufacturer, distributor and user.

* To promote high standards of comportment for fair and honorable conduct with customers, employees, other industry representatives, as well as the general public.

* To avoid communication and marketing practices that are or may be perceived to be false, deceptive or misleading.

* To adhere to Best Business Practices in addendum.

This code is adopted by the Massachusetts Association of Lawn Care Professionals as a means to ensure that its members: 1.) Maintain the highest standards of service and conduct; 2.) That the practice of Lawn Care is regarded as a viable profession that strives to best serve the public interest and; 3.) That the public may have increased confidence as to the integrity of the Lawn Care industry.