About Us

The Massachusetts Association of Lawn Care Professionals (MALCP) was founded in 1989 to advocate for and promote professionalism in the Lawn Care industry. Our membership includes lawn care treatment companies, licensed professional applicators, educators, professional affiliates and suppliers. MALCP helps provide information resources for not only its members, but legislators, Boards of Health and the general public. As such, MALCP is committed to providing such resources and promoting practices based on accepted, peer reviewed sciences and environmental stewardship.

MALCP serves as a member of the Pesticide Bureau’s Advisory Council and has had a role in the creation of several legislative and regulatory initiatives. Pesticide applicator licensing is one example, which includes a requirement for ongoing education for applicators. MALCP provides these education opportunities for lawn care professionals to stay current and obtain CEU’s toward maintaining their licensing credentials.

Other MALCP assisted initiatives include; lawn care posting signs used by licensed professional applicators; preemption regulations to ensure one state agency regulates pesticide use for the 351 municipalities in Massachusetts; Plant Nutrient Management regulations to help ensure fertilizers are applied so as to minimize their impact on surface and ground water supplies and reclassifying Worker’s Compensation insurance rates for Lawn Care.

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Learn MoreOur Mission

To educate and advocate for both the benefits of healthy and sustainable turfgrass using science based environmentally sustainable practices, to lawn care professionals and the public at large.

Our History

MALCP has been in existence since 1989. Since its founding this concerned group has worked with many companies and individuals to ensure the professional application of lawn care products. With membership consisting of companies of all sizes, our standard of requiring pesticide licensure makes the quality and reputation of MALCP one of integrity.


MALCP is a partner in the green industry with the following organizations:

  • National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) 
  • New England Regional Turfgrass Foundation (NERTF)
  • New England Sports Turf Managers Association (NESTMA)
  • Pesticide Bureau’s Advisory Council (MDAR)
  • Green Industry Alliance (GIA)