The Massachusetts Association of Lawn Care Professionals, MALCP, is the official association of lawn care professionals throughout Massachusetts. It is made up of professional lawn care companies, licensed applicators, educators, professional affiliates, universities and suppliers. Its primary goal is to serve as an information resource to association members, legislators and Boards of Health, as well as the general public.

With the myriad of issues facing Lawn Care and Public Health, MALCP is intent on providing scientific, sound and rational information to those concerned. To that degree, MALCP was instrumental in assisting the Pesticide Bureau with the creation of the currently used lawn care signs. Also, MALCP was a forerunner in getting the statewide licensing bill passed. The bill mandates all who apply pesticides in the Commonwealth for-hire must be licensed. The Pre-emption bill, sponsored by MALCP, ensures that the Pesticide Bureau is the sole regulator of pesticides, thereby assuring that a state, centralized agency regulates the approval and the use of these materials. With over 350 cities and towns in Massachusetts, this is the only way to provide effective regulation.


MALCP has been in existence since 1989. Since its founding this concerned group has worked with many companies and individuals to ensure the professional application of lawn care products. With membership consisting of companies of all sizes, our standard of requiring pesticide licensure makes the quality and reputation of MALCP one of integrity.


MALCP has a very purposeful and defined mission of promoting professionalism throughout the industry, hence our motto “Success Through Professionalism.” It has been to both our benefit (success) and to our industry, and more importantly, to our environment, that we work in unison for a safer environment. That has been our mission in the past, is now and will continue to be in the future.


MALCP is a partner in the green industry with the following organizations:

  • Professional Landcare Network (PLANET)
  • New England Regional Turfgrass Conference (founding member) (NERTF)
  • New England Horticultural Resource Network
  • IPM Advisory Council (founding member)
  • New England Grows Conference (charter member)
  • New England Sports Turf Managers Association (founding member)