Sturbridge Host Hotel & Conference Center

Wednesday, January 23, 2019
(Snow date: Thursday, January 24, 2019)

366 Main St. (Rt. 20), Sturbridge, MA

Technical Talk Descriptions

Learn & Earn Credits – Please join us for the 2019 MALCP Winter Lawn Care Conference (WLCC). We have requested 5 pesticide credits. In addition to the Technical Seminar, you’ll be able to meet with a variety of exhibitors showing their products and services. This is a great opportunity for everyone in the Lawn Care and Green Industries, such as: Lawn Care Professionals, Sports Turf Managers, Golf Course Personnel, Landscapers, and Municipal/Institutional Groundskeepers, to meet and interact. We look forward to seeing you.

5 contact hours approved for 37, L and D
Massachusetts, Rhode Island & Vermont

Please remember to bring your pesticide license and a valid form of Identification.

Managing Summer Stresses to Reduce Management Inputs
Dr. Lindsey Hoffman
Drought and heat can negatively impact turfgrass health and development during summer months, and subsequently the grasses’ ability to tolerate pest infestations. Use of proper cultural practices throughout the year can help maximize turfgrass stress tolerance, minimize impact from specific insects and weeds, and may result in an overall reduction of water inputs as well as pesticide applications. This presentation will address: the physiological response of plants to drought and heat stress; how certain pests can flourish when turf is under these abiotic stresses; tools and techniques to maximize stress tolerance in order make the turf more resistant to pest invasion while reducing inputs of pesticides and other management materials.

What We Learned from the Unique Weather Conditions in 2018
Dr. John Inguagiato
2018 presented a large array of challenges for Green Industry professionals. Professor John Inguagiato will review successes and failures experienced in treating and managing turf pathogens. IPM, conventional and biological controls will be addressed. Bring your questions.

Preparing for 2019 Including Update on Laws and Regulations
Taryn Lascola
Questions arise from owners and applicators regarding many pesticide issues. These include audit preparation, proper storage and transportation of pesticides, and any new pesticide considerations for 2019 including those for pollinators. Taryn LaScola will inform you in her presentation.

What they are, how they work and why they’re important Bob Mann Pesticides are among the most heavily regulated commodities in the United States. Pesticide education, label language, application methods, emphasis on calibration, these and others address applicator protocol and manage pests. Understanding how the regulatory framework that surrounds pesticide use is important for lawn care professionals. Learn how Massachusetts regulates pesticides, the importance of following label instructions and correct product use.

The Science of Managing Turf Pests with Drones
Jason VanBruskirk
Drones and analytic software technology are storming the airwaves. Is there anything for turfgrass? This presentation by the developer of a drone designed to assist turfgrass professionals with turf and pest management, among other things, will explain use as a scouting tool for pest management, a precise record keeping mechanism and visual progress report of management control. The developer Jason Van Buskirk is a licensed turf applicator with many years of experience in the management of fine turf in high use situations. .



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