Green Careers Event at Essex School

Green Careers Event at Essex School, Fall 2021


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Last year, in their, spare time, MALCP members  Joe Szczechowicz, Steve Bukoff, Luke Ford, Jacob Arsenault, Bill Dixon, Austin Marsteller, and Gerry White developed a Green Careers curriculum for Lawn Care which included hands on training sessions for high school students.

The first school participating was Essex North Shore Agricultural and Technical School.  An area was cleared.   17 smart, energetic students learned about insects, weeds and the science of growing grass in 2 classroom training sessions.   Outdoors, they were taught how and did use an aerator.  They had fun taking turns aerating the entire piece.  Next, one half was seeded using a slice seeder, while the other parcel by hand.  Then the school watched it grow.  Both parcels grew in lush and beautiful.

This was a very successful experience for all involved!  MALCP got invited back.  We look forward to MALCP volunteers presenting the Green Careers Curriculum at other vocational schools in September 2022.  Thanks to those who have already volunteered!

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