Applying for a Pesticide Exam, License, and Renewal through the ePLACE Portal

The Pesticide Program conducts the examination, licensing, and certification of pesticide applicators.

MDAR presents the new Online Data System known as the ePLACE Portal. This portal is part of an initiative to bring all agencies within the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs into an online permitting and authorization system. This system provides an easy and convenient way for individuals to apply for pesticide exams and licenses. All Applications for examination or licensure must now be submitted online.

Applying for a Pesticide Exam, License, and Renewal through the ePLACE Portal

Assistance and guidance to individuals applying for a Pesticide License through the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources.

Creating your ePLACE Account

Creating an account in the EEA ePLACE Permitting Portal for first time users is a simple process. Follow the instructions in this presentation to register. Please note: Anyone applying for a pesticide license must do so as an individual. Companies CANNOT apply for the applicants.

How do I get ready for the pesticide licensing exams?

The Pesticide Exam and License Information Bulletin will answer all these questions and more!

1. Find out what type of licenses there are for pesticide applications.

2. Find out where the exams are being held.

3. Where to order the study materials.

4. Schedule your exam.


The new ePLACE Permitting Portal allows applicants to create accounts, link existing records, and schedule exams. The quick guide can answer general questions about the portal. The overview will take you through the steps of scheduling an exam, applying for the license, and how to apply for a renewal.

Additional Resourcesfor Using the ePLACE Permitting Portal to file for a Pesticide License