2022 “On-Demand” WLCC – Recap

The 2022 MALCP Winter Lawn Care Conference went “On-Demand” with 6-Pod casts available to registered attendees for a 10-day period, 24/7! Meaning, participants were able to view the talks on their own schedule during this time period. The event started January 19 and ran through January 29.

After attending each Pod-Cast, a brief quiz about the topic was given which the participant could answer and submit to MALCP for evaluation. Upon finishing all 6-quizzes, the participant qualified to receive pesticide credits toward their individual licenses. This proved to be an effective way for MALCP members and non-members to achieve their needed credit requirements. As the future of large events may be unknown, MALCP will look into future Pod-Cast events to assist the Lawn Care Professional community in achieving needed requirement. Stay tuned!


Below are the topics and speakers of the 2022 MALCP On-Demand WLCC event:

Our Hosts, Karen Connelly and Bob Mann

Speakers and Topics

“Turfgrass insect-pests: 2020-2021 seasons in review” with Olga Kostromytska, Professor of Entomology, UMass, Amherst

This talk will focus on the biology and management of the most destructive turfgrass pests, which have been causing a number of challenges in New England over the last few seasons. The effect of changing weather patterns on the biology and phenology of caterpillars, billbugs, and chinch bug and the optimal strategies for their management will be discussed. Emphasis will be placed on biocontrol and other alternative management approaches. Some of the time will also be devoted to the visual ID of the turfgrass damaging caterpillars.


“Talking with Consumers About Pesticides” with Karen Reardon, VP Public Affairs RISE

Karen Reardon will provide an update about federal and state pesticide regulation along with results of 2021 public opinion research RISE conducted about the current federal and state pesticide regulatory framework. She will provide messaging and techniques for communicating effectively about pesticide and fertilizer use with employees, customers, and communities.


“Restrictive Pesticide Legislationwith Bob Mann, Director of State and Local Government Relations, NALP

The issue of state preemption of pesticide regulation may seem obscure, dull, and not particularly relevant to the topic of safety, but there are few issues today that have the potential to disrupt the careful and deliberative use of pesticides in the United States today than a resurgence in efforts to overturn legislation put into place in the wake of a landmark Supreme Court decision three decades ago. NALP’s Bob Mann will take us back in time to explore what happened, what it means for us today and what as professional pesticide educators we can do to protect the rigorous framework for the regulation of pesticides for the future.


“The Benefits of Plant Growth Regulator Applications” with Scott Macintosh, MS, CPAg, Atlantic Golf and Turf

This presentation will explore the plant growth regulator products on the market, their mode of action, application rates, and proper reapplication timing.


“Healthy Plants for Pest Resistance and Integrated Pest Management (IPM)” with Steve Loveday, Trainer, Target Specialty Products

This talk educates applicators on better IPM strategies to mitigate insect and disease attacks.  Topics to be covered include proper interpretation of soil tests, the role of bio stimulants in pesticide and water use reduction and the significance of micronutrient applications.


“Pesticide Rules and Regulations” with Taryn LaScola-Miner, Chief Pesticide Inspector, MDAR

Taryn Lascola-Miner will provide attendees with an overview of current regulations and other pesticide issues.