2021 “Virtual” WLCC – Recap

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the 2021 MALCP Winter Lawn Care Conference went “Virtual” with 5-Pod casts available to registered attendees for a 10-day period, 24/7! Meaning, participants were able to view the talks on their own schedule during this time period. The event started January 21 and ran through January 31, and was hosted by Bob Mann, NALP.

After attending each Pod-Cast, a brief quiz about the topic was given which the participant could answer and submit to MALCP for evaluation. Upon finishing all 5-quizzes, the participant qualified to receive pesticide credits toward their individual licenses. This proved to be an effective way for MALCP members and non-members to achieve their needed credit requirements. As the future of large events may be unknown, MALCP will look into future Pod-Cast events to assist the Lawn Care Professional community in achieving needed requirement. Stay tuned!

Below are the topics and speakers of the 2021 MALCP “Virtual” WLCC event:


Our Hosts, Karen Connelly and Bob Mann

Speakers and Topics

“Understanding of Adjuvants, their functions and how they improve pesticide performance” with Jim Turner, Territory Manager, Target Specialty Products

Learn about the factors that affect the performance of pesticides.


“Glyphosate alternatives: efficacy and trade-offs in the landscape” with Maggie Reiter, Turfgrass Science, University of Minnesota Extension

This presentation will include information on IPM of weeds in lawn and landscape management systems. Information will cover 1) data from research trials evaluating organic and conventional herbicides, 2) tactics to optimize weed control with organic herbicides, and 3) discussion of toxicity, economic, and aesthetic tradeoffs when managing lawns and landscapes with limited glyphosate products.


“Lawn Care Pesticide Policy Update. If you thought 2020 was crazy, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!with Bob Mann, Director of State and Local Government Relations, NALP

Lawn Care Operators rely upon the availability of safe and effective pesticide products to provide quality services to our customers. Understanding what is expected to happen in the political and regulatory space in the coming year is essential to you so that you can effectively communicate accurate information to both your customers and the public at large. In this talk, we will cover how pesticides are regulated and why it’s so important to regulate them properly. We will also discuss what we can expect in the coming year, how you can prepare and participate in the legislative and regulatory process (it’s fun and easy, I promise!). Finally, we will discuss the central role of turfgrass best management practices and integrated pest management protocols and why you should wholeheartedly embrace both for the continued health of our industry.


“Laws and Regs” with Taryn LaScola-Miner, Director Crop and Pest Services Division, MDAR

This talk will review current laws and regulations. Labeling topics will be included.


“Management of Important Diseases on Lawns and Sports Turf” with Dr. Nathaniel Mitkowski, Professor and Chair, Dept. of Plant Sciences & Entomology, Univ. of RI

Dr. Mitkowski’s talk will provide descriptions of common diseases found on home lawns, commercial properties, and sports turf. How these diseases are initiated and analyzed will be addressed, along with environmental concerns, controls, and treatments. Such controls will include curative and preventative techniques.