2018 MALCP Summer Seminar: Worms, Pesky Grass, Safety and Diagnostic Tools

Worms, Pesky Grass, Safety and Diagnostic Tools

August 1, 2018
Tower Hill Botanic Garden, Boylston, MA


Poa Annua- Friend or Foe?

Mike Buras,   Head Groundskeeper, Longwood Cricket Club                          

Depending upon the lawn you are servicing, Annual Bluegrass can be either a friend or a foe.
Mike will discuss how to manage this cultivar in lawns, where it is desired, and how to attempt to eliminate it in lawns where it is considered to be a foe.

Mike Buras has served as Head Groundskeeper at Longwood Cricket Club, the nation’s oldest grass tennis club, since 1997.  He manages the courts for members and national and international tournaments. Mike is a past President of both NESTMA and NERTF.

 “Weather Stations:  A Pest Management Tool for Turf Pros”

Vickie Wallace             

Vickie will provide attendees with a greater understanding of weather stations and how to utilize this tool.  Learn about growing degree days and how they are used to target germination of grassy weeds and emergence of insect pests. Understand how weather stations can support pest management decisions and how weather stations can be used to enhance cultural management practices of turfgrass.

Vickie Wallace is the Extension Educator at UCONN responsible for the Sustainable Turf and Landscape Program which is focused toward turf and landscape professionals in the state. She is involved with IPM education and outreach programs for landscape professionals and municipal turf and grounds managers.  Vickie is past President of NESTMA.

“Disease or Not Disease? That is My Question”

Dr. Angela Madeiras

Dr. Madeiras will speak about the diagnostic process and ways to determine if a problem is caused by a disease or by a mechanical or environmental problem.

At the UMass Extension Plant Diagnostic Lab, Angie is responsible for diagnosing diseases for floriculture, vegetable crops, and turf, and helps growers determine a course of action for their control. She alsoparticipates in extension educational activities.

“Invasive Earthworms and Soil Insect Pests: What to Look For and How to Respond”

Dr. Kyle Wickings

Dr. Wickings will describe the biology and characteristics of Asian worms and other soil pests.  How do they change the environment?  What options do you have to combat them?

Kyle says Soil animal communities are composed of a rich assemblage of decomposers, predators, and plant pests. As assistant professor of Soil Arthropod Ecology and Turfgrass Entomology at Cornell, I am interested in improving our basic knowledge of soil invertebrates and applying this knowledge to help minimize damage by root-feeding pests while simultaneously preserving the biodiversity and function of beneficial soil organisms.

“Lawn Care Pesticide Safety”

Bob Mann

Handling pesticides safely is Job #1 for lawn care specialists but all too often initial training doesn’t get into the real world scenarios where a little bit of old fashioned wisdom would go a long way towards proper environmental stewardship.  Bob Mann will discuss how pesticide regulations are really outgrowths of hard won lessons from the past.

Bob is past president of MALCP.  He is a trained turf instructor and currently serves as State and Local government relations advocate for NALP.